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Marquee Cinema Loudspeakers.

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We’ve took the most brilliant, experienced architectural loudspeaker engineers and asked them to design the ultimate home theater system. The result is simply stunning. The Marquee Collection will exceed your expectations in every facet. Available both with both slim on-wall and nearly invisible in-wall configurations, they are easier to install than any other home theater systems in their class. That doesn’t mean they won’t blow you away. Between the powerful sub-woofer options, the ultra-sensitive custom drivers, and the high-pressure horn-loaded titanium tweeters, there’s an amazing home theater experience waiting for you with the Marquee Collection.

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The legacy of using paper cones for high fidelity sound reproduction reaches back to the dawn of loudspeaker design. For good reason, the most legendary loudspeakers all use paper cones. The Marquee Collection is no different. Our proprietary resin-coated paper cones and exclusively engineered drivers offer remarkedly detailed sound reproduction with durability to last for decades.

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Traditional theater loudspeakers are massive installations that require false walls, complicated processing units, and convoluted calibration. Not Marquee. The Marquee Collection can be mounted in-wall or on-wall with minimal space requirements without compromising the sound quality or loudness. Also, the collection can be powered by any premium AVR. We’ve accomplished this feat by utilizing sturdy premium Aluminum enclosures precisely tuned to our custom drivers and woofers. The result is a full-bodied, crystal clear experience like no other.

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A world-class home theater requires a careful balance of various technologies. While the loudspeakers are critical, they depend on powerful yet accurate amplification as well as a proper acoustic space for optimum performance. We are proud to be partnering with companies that deliver the finest quality in each of their various disciplines.