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Marquee Loudspeakers
from Origin Acoustics.

On wall. In wall. In ceiling. The Marquee Collection is the most flexible dedicated home theater loudspeaker system in it's class.

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Great sound makes the experience great. It's the catalyst to suspending reality and escaping into another world. That's why we chose coated paper cones for our Marquee Loudspeaker Collection. Its delicate, stiff composition lends itself perfectly to high quality sound reproduction. So, when paired with our precise motor structures, Marquee Loudspeakers deliver a world-class listening experience.

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The Marquee Collection was created to blend seamlessly into the d├ęcor while providing unparalleled sonic performance. These loudspeakers rival any dedicated home theater product on the market. Still, they only take up a sliver of the room compared to other loudspeakers in their class. You no longer need false walls and a dedicated room to enjoy full fidelity sound reproduction. Let the Marquee Collection transform your next multi-media installation.

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Origin Acoustics' Marquee Theater Partners

A world-class home theater requires a careful balance of various technologies. While the loudspeakers are critical, they depend on powerful yet accurate amplification as well as a proper acoustic space for optimum performance. We are proud to be partnering with companies that deliver the finest quality in each of their various disciplines.